Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fictional Boys

Superman Returns today... But I'm not just gonna march to the theaters and drool over Brandon Routh. Not yet anyway. I still have work tonight. So, I'll be saving up goosebumps and drool bucket for this weekend. Let me just content myself with this:

Brandon Routh

In other news, there has been rumors spreading in the online Potter-world about author J.K. Rowling planning to "kill" Harry in the 7th and last installment of the book. As quoted from this site:

Author J.K. Rowling notes that killing the main character would keep others from writing sequels.

Any thoughts on that, Harry Potter fans?

Daniel Radcliffe

Oh, before you start sending any hate-mail to Ms. Rowling, please do read between the lines and read the complete interview. :)


Rob said...

Will you be seeing Superman Returns on IMAX? I heard every single sched's already full. :(

Btw, I didn't like what Jo revealed. I wanted to be thrilled! Gah! Hehe. ;)

Jaz said...

Same here....have to wait till the weekend to catch the flick, and that is, if i don't get any more corporate commitments to go for the weekend! *crossing my fingers*

Now as for killing HP, this is what all I could say: NOOOOOOOOOOO!


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Rob: That's what I heard. IMAX is full until July, so I guess my family and I will just settle for good ol' Greenbelt 3 this Sunday. It's gonna be a family thing again. :)

Jaz: I hope you can see it this weekend. Same reaction here about HP. Hehe!

marX said...

at least, Rowling has a good point. lolz.

pero sana lang wag.. haha. though people say i'm shakespearean, which i agree with (love tragedies!), i'll forever hate her pag ginawa nya yun. haha!