Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Date

I had a date with the television yesterday that's why I wasn't online. I rarely get one-on-one bonding moments with the TV. Haha!

I watched My Date with Drew as it was highly recommended by my sister. It was funny, touching, real and very inspiring. Makes me wanna find my lost dreams and make them all come true. It just goes to show the path may be as fulfilling as the destination or maybe even more.

Carpe diem!

Check out the website here. Haven't seen it yet? Catch it on June 25 at 5:45 PM, or June 28 at 5:50 PM on Star Movies (Philippine time).

More of my (sort-of biased) movie reviews in my Multiply site.


kikaygal said...

oh yeah, I've seen that show. Galing!

Anonymous said...

Darn I'd only see one ep. I hope the show's on in Oslo.

carnaval said...

ola! i've read that one from ava too, sayang i missed the show. sa saturday ulit! thanks! happy weekend po! =]

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Mark: It's not in episodes. If you'll be able to catch on either date, that's it. :)

kikaygal: Galing noh? :)

carnaval: Yep, she wanted me to watch it. Natuwa naman ako.