Monday, July 17, 2006

Amazing Weekend

I was sick Friday. Good thing was I didn't have to go to work. I was forcing myself to be better for Saturday. My volunteer shift for the 1st Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards started at 4PM but my sis and I were already in the mall by lunch time. I made sure I've some of the shortlisted works just to give me an idea. I'm not going to go into details now since I need to rest for work tonight and I don't have the pictures uploaded yet. Yes, I have lots of pics to share, so watch out for them. Let's just say that I was tired, my feet were killing me and I was hungry that day. There were disappointments (oh yes!) and weird moments (imagine me seeing a classmate from Grade 3!) and pretty sights (literally). I wished the next day would be better.

We went home Saturday night at about 11PM. My mother was mad because we rarely spent the weekend at home. I just wish she and my father would give us some time and a chance for them to go to the convention so they'll know that we're not really doing anything bad. Being a sci-fi/fantasy fan is actually fun! Oh well, that wish wasn't granted and until now my mother is still harboring bad feelings towards me and my sis. At least we still had more (much more) fun yesterday. It was the 4th New Worlds Sci-Fi/Fantasy convetion and we went back to the Rockwell Tent as early as 8AM to fix our booth. Despite my sister's vow to help out in the Pinoy Harry Potter booth, she still ended up helping my main fandom, The Philippine Tolkien Society instead. I don't think she was sorry. We won best booth! Yay!

We saw a lot of celebrities (Michael V who posed in our Lothlorien booth, David Celdran who kept asking us about Hogwarts Philippines, Chris Cantada of Spongecola to name a few), a lot of friends we only knew before online (at least there's a face now, not just the nicks), more long lost friends (like a teacher from college and a supervisor from my previous job), a lot of photo/video ops, more pretty sightings (great costumes, friendly people behind those costumes and finally seeing our crushes from other fandoms! Ahahaha!) and shared a lot of funny, heartwarming moments with friends. I wish the con could be a 2 or 3-day event instead. Ok, I still don't have pictures but I'll be posting a new blog entry for that.

I still have a "geeky" hangover. I don't think this boring week at work would help when I'm so used to being on vacation leave. Oh well, wish me luck and do watch out for the pics. You'll realize that geeks/nerds do know how to party! :)


Jaz said...

it's always nice to meet new faces while seeing old ones in such events. don't worry, it'll pass (that thing with your mom).

oh, congrats on winning that best booth award! can't wait for you to share those pics =)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Were you there? I didn't see you! :(

loryces said...

i know who the college prof is! he applied for membership! eeek!!!

btw congrats to us for winning best booth! :)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

loryces: I know! Hahaha!