Sunday, July 02, 2006

S Day

First Sunday of the month. Today is Superman Returns day although for most, if not all, Filipinos, boxing and non-boxing enthusiasts alike, today is Manny Pacquiao Day. As of the moment, the whole family, except my sister who is still asleep, is awaiting for the Pacquiao-Larios (of Mexico) fight.

Yesterday, I decided to attend a TPTS moot despite lack of sleep. Met with Ricky, Nina and Miao and hung out in Reitch's house to organize our thoughts on designing the Lothlorien booth for the NWA con. I never really put much thought in costumes coz I'm not keen on cosplaying. I love seeing and capturing cosplayers in photos though. I'd probably just wear a hobbit cloak when I'm in the TPTS booth and my Ravenclaw Hogwarts robe when I'm in the PHP booth. I've been missing a lot of happenings due to my work sched but I have filed for leave the day before the con and I hope to be more productive during that time.

For those who did not attend the moot, here's what you missed:

hobbit food : Miao's yummy tuna mushroom pasta

Murphy : Reitch's dog and a belly-rubbing addict

great hobbity company

Blurry pics taken using my old and low-tech Nokia 6610i.

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