Friday, July 28, 2006

Me? Weird?

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6 weird things about myself (I don't know if you can these weird...) :

1. I have my own version of a "security blanket". It's not really a blanket but a worn-out jogging pants from high school. I always feel the need to have it by my side.

2. After taking a bath, I have to dry my hair before I get out of the house. I get irritated if my hair is hanging limp and wet.

3. I am some kind of a neat freak. Maybe it's because of a bit of OC-ness in me. If something is not in the exact place where I last put it, I go berserk!

4. My mind wanders all the time. Some days I can't even remember how I get home because I just trust my instincts to take me where I needed to be. People may even catch me smiling or frowning to myself when I travel alone and I don't care.

5. There was this quiet dog who lives about a couple of blocks from our apartment. The first time I heard him bark was when a drunk man wanted to follow me when I was on my way to work at about 11PM. He scared the man away. Now, everytime I pass by and this dog would be asleep on the pavement, I whisper and pretend to talk to him as if he can hear me and I always hope that somehow,he can.

6. When I'm feeling down, angry or sad, I have the urge to write. Writing gives me an outlet for my emotions even if my thoughts are incoherent. When I'm bored at work, I even write down the lyrics of my LSS (Last Song Syndrome) for the day.

Wait, do I need to write only 6? Coz I have more weird things to share. Hahaha!

I tag anyone who wants to answer this. :)

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kikaygal said...

Yup. You only have to answer 6. I also wanted to add kaya lang rules are rules. hehe! Thanks for answering the meme. :D