Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One Big Happy Geeky Family

I still have conventionitis-- the "feeling" after a Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention. That's what is felt after being immersed in a mix of extreme exhuastion, natural high, strong bonds (of friendship), geeky encounters, out-of-this-world sights and many more. That's more than just the physical sickness I have right now. Technically, I belong in 3 fandoms-- The Philippine Tolkien Society, Pinoy Harry Potter and Star Wars Philippines. My level of activity though is not the same as for all three. This is the perfect time for me to be present in all my orgs' activities at one given time. Heehee.

I have been to all conventions and I think this was the best con I've been to. No, not just because TPTS won the best booth award or the NWA Amazing Race contest (wahoo!). No, not just also because I my caption won for the 2nd week (yehey!). It just seems like I've seen a lot of familiar faces, some I only see during the conventions, and got to know more people than the previous con and got to create a somehow familial kind of relationship with each other. We share the same interests and therefore, bond in a way that a niche is created and whoever shares the same passion can relate to it. There is a feeling of comfort and belongingness.

I notice that I smiled a lot and had more guts to talk to people, even strangers! I also don't normally write like this but like I said, I am still suffering from conventionitis. I don't think words can describe the fun we had. One day was not enough but it was awesome! I do hope the 5th one will be like this and more. Looking forward to it!

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whitewatcher said...

Definitely my best! :D

Like you, I also found myself talking to more people than usual. Such magic the conventionitis brings! May there be more of it.

Hay, ang saya. *dreaming*

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

It was really, really fun. I smile, even at work, whenever I think about it. I hope we have more of that soon! :)

kit said...

got to your blog from the newworlds.ph page.
i was there at the con too with my frends. we're not really fanatics but we super enjoy events like that. and so, it was our first time to join a cosplay. haha.
conventionitis - strange. i think i have it too.Ü

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Thanks for the comment, Kit! Glad you enjoyed the con and you came in costume too! Hope to meet you next year! :)