Saturday, July 19, 2003

Things to do this weekend: (Choices! Choices!)

1. Do OT for work tomorrow. I badly need the money.
2. Go with a friend tomorrow night for a concert. She pays for the tickets. I badly need a break.
3. Spend some time with him tomorrow. He's leaving for the province again next week.

I can only choose one. Darn.


1. Do the OT and spend time with him on Sunday instead after work and before going home. But then I'll miss the concert.
2. Do OT on Sunday instead of Saturday, so I can watch the concert. But I cannot meet him before he leaves for the province and I wont have a rest day before my week starts again.

Or the best option: (why didn't I think about this earlier?)
Go to the concert then do OT after that then meet him after work! Woohoo! Way to go! Hope the concert will finish by 10 so I can start my OT by 11.

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