Wednesday, December 28, 2005

24 hours later

What happened after this? Nothing really. I just wasted another hour of my day and spoke to two more agents with one hanging up on me while I was on hold. No, it is not appreciated. I was told to wait three more effing (working) days! Then why the f*ck tell me yesterday to call back after 24 hours?!

No, this is not funny at all, but I still kept my calm and still did not ask for a supervisor. We'll see after three days. If I still have to wait for a week more then that would be too much waste of time, effort, phone minutes and saliva.

Finally crossed a couple of things off my wish list. I know, I know, I didn't keep an actual wish list anymore coz I just get frustrated of those things I wanna buy. But of course, the mind is a many splendored thing (not just love, mind you) and I can still mentally list them down. I know she won't get to read this, but to my officemate who picked me and gave me the best of Savage Garden CD (Truly Madly Completely), thank you, thank you so much! :)

Lastly, I bought an Aiptek DV 3300 on sale. It's a video recorder, an MP3 player,a digital cam and a voice recorder in one. It has a free USB, batteries, TV connection cord, earphones, mini tripod, the works! (Email me if you wanna know the price. Hehe!)

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I got the silver one

I know buying this will make my chances of buying a Nokia 6230i pretty much slimmer than before, but that was too good a bargain to pass. I don't know when I'd be able to buy the cellphone. I know this unit is cheaper compared to the new ones but I really like its features. I have wanted this for months now. *sniff* But yeah, plans don't always push through. Again, we can have everything, but we can't have them all at once. *sigh*

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the best gift I could have this year

Any volunteers? ;)


gene said...

karen!!!! nakakainis...sobrang pareho tayo ng gusto. magkano mo binili yung bago mong "toy"?...hehe. at eto alam mo ba, isang taon ko nang inaawitan yung 6230i na yan. everytime pumupunta ako sa sm bicutan, tinitingnan ko kung bumaba na yung price. at 'eto...may nakadikit na pic niyan sa may salamin namin...para bang mantra na twing makikita ko siya, sinasabi ko na makukuha ko rin yan kahit papano.pathetic ba?

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Mama Gene: NO!!! Great minds think alike? Or is it because we're both under the Cancer sign? You know what? I have a pic of the Nokia 6610i stuck in front of our ref. The one in white. I like the one in white and yes, I also check the price and it rarely depreciates, it's so frustrating!!! Btw, I sent you an email about the price. Check it out. :)