Tuesday, December 27, 2005

system maintenance, my ass!

I have worked in a customer service long enough to know every damn excuse these big companies have taught their customer service reps whenever they don't deliver. Yeah, when they screw up, white lies are being said to pacify irate customers. Now, I found myself (yet again) on the other end of the spectrum. Although I am the irate customer, I did not ask for a supervisor nor yelled at the agent. Well, not yet anyway.

I have been a subscriber of their service since the first time I held a mobile phone, so that's roughly 7 years now. I am not a post-paid subscriber but I have to admit I use up at least Php1000 a month for texts and calls and wap. I also take part in their promos and stuff but the downside of all these "cheaper rates" and promotions is actually sacrificing the quality of service.

I remember a few years back when I upgraded my SIM. They told me I'll be getting a signal, which means my SIM will be activated, in about 24 to 48 hours. I finally got to use the stupid SIM after dozens of customer service phone calls later and after 5 days. That sucks since I already learned to depend on mobile phone for communication. I know I have several case numbers and notes in their system and I don't care.

They have this text non-stop promo that I have been availing for more than 3 months now and a couple of days before Christmas, I cannot register. Therefore, I had to pay every text I make. I was able to register only after Christmas eve after trying lots and lots of times to register. Wise huh? But that was fine with me. It's Christmas and I'm not making a big deal out of it. But it doesn't end there.

Earlier today, I decided to share prepaid load to someone. It was just Php60 plus the Php1 transaction fee. I didn't mind coz I have been using that more often now especially since most of my family are Globe subscribers too. I got an error message stating that the system is being updated. So, I tried it again. I send the Php60. Again, I received the error message. I checked my balance and Php122 was removed from my load. It was ok if that amount was sent to the intended recipient, but NO! Nothing was received. Since I just ended my shift, I was sooo mad I called their customer service number to complain (again)! I was on hold for over an hour and finally got a representative after I got commuted from the office, got home, changed to my house clothes and had breakfast. Then all the rep said was that they're having system maintenance! Whatthefuck?!

Alright, I was not harsh on her as I expected. But straight English made her voice quiver and since I am mad, I expressed myself more in English (got that behavior from my mother, I think). I asked her a lot of questions and she told me to call back after 1 or 2 hours to check if my transaction was cancelled or if it pushed through. We'll see. But I got her name (of course!) and if I still don't get credited or the load still doesn't reach my intended recipient, hell will break lose. Well, not really, but I'd be demanding for a supervisor. I won't accept their "We are going to research on this for you" crap and make me wait for a week or so 'coz they are a multi-million peso company and they can definitely afford to give me back my Php120.

Yes, I do value my hard-earned money and my consumer rights.

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