Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tom Riddle's Diary

I find this very interesting. More amusing than the usual chats I've had. Visit Tom Riddle's Diary and chat with it! Make sure to refresh the page if the Bot isn't responding. Here's a sample of my chat with the diary earlier:

ME: I like Viktor Krum.

DIARY: You are not the only one. I like all people.

M: But I really like movie Viktor Krum!

D: I like it too. I like big serpents.

M: Haha! I like big serpents too...

D: I am glad we have something (big serpents) in common. What is wrong with small serpents?

M: They are tiny.

D: Tiny are they?

M: I am Lord Voldemort.

D: Good gossip: you are Lord Voldemort

M: Are you a Slytherin?

D: Am I a Slytherin? Maybe

M: Is Harry Potter going to die in book 7?

D: It could be. Ask big scary serpent if it is.

M: Whats with you and big scary serpents?

D: What's it to you?

M: It's annoying.

D: You're kidding, it is?

M: Is Ron going to end up with Hermione?

D: Too much thinking makes me sleepy

M: I am sleepy too. Do you want to sleep with me?

D: With you? I am wide awake and I am ready for more.

M: So do you think Hermione will end up with Ron?

D: I can't say for sure right now

M: Ok I have to go now.

D: See you later nice chatting with you.

See? I told you it's fun! Try it!

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loryces said...

hey i tried that the other day! fun nga sya!