Saturday, December 24, 2005

ready for Xmas?

I wonder why people need to often be ready for Christmas. We all know that Christmas comes and goes every year. Why do we have to be ready for it? Is it because we all should need to prepare for something bigger than ourselves? Is that why people often get stressed instead of sitting back and enjoying the season's festivities? Is it because Santa knows who is naughty or nice and we're trying to be nice at the last minute? Is it just an excuse for people to show off or to get broke? After the hours, energy and money spent in the crowded malls, is it all just that? Or is it a time for family and moments spent together as warm as eggnog in our stomachs? Or children and their anticipation that lights up their faces like magical Christmas lights on a tree?

I fear that Christmas day will just come and go like an ordinary day in my year. Like last year, I will probably go to church and spend the day with my family at home. Hopefully, we'll enjoy our Christmas dinner together. By Monday, I'll be back at work and earn back the money I spent.

I am looking forward to 2006.

How about you, what are your plans for Christmas?

at ngayon
di pa rin alam
kung ba't tayo nandito
puwede bang itigil muna
ang pag-ikot ng mundo

~"Spoliarium" by Eraserheads

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