Monday, December 05, 2005

we got mail

Image hosted by Got a mail today, which caused a stir at home. It was an invitation to a cousin's wedding. I appreciate the fact that we are still remembered, but I know it was a half-hearted invite. They know we couldn't afford to all go to the province, then why reserve 5 seats for us? It felt like a mockery of some sort. Too bad coz I miss those cousins and those times we spent together. A lot of things have happened for years now. I don't want to go into details but to sum it up, since my family sank lower in the social status, some relatives don't think we are worth knowing. We used to enjoy staying in the province and spending time with them. Those were the fun times when everything seems fine and dandy because we can afford it. I wonder why there are people like that. I mean, people who would only like you for your money and leave you if you can't buy them fun times. I thought fun times are supposed to be made, not bought. I just hope they don't get friendly if... no, make that WHEN we rise from this challenge in our lives. Of course, I still thank those who stayed true to us despite the fact that we're not rich.

But then again, here's to another year without a Christmas tree, another year without leaving for the province, another year with no family reunions whatsoever, another year of just us 5 here at home.

Come to think of it, 5 of us makes my family complete and the fact that we're together this holiday season is reason enough to celebrate. :)


+jezza+ said...

same here in our house. It's three years I think na wala kaming christmas tree sa bahay. more than 5 years na rin kaming ndi nakakauwi sa probinsya because of the same reason. Mahal ang pamasahe at lima kaming uuwi. Sobrang mahal nun. We can't afford it. I miss my relatives too.. I just wonder what they look like after 5 years.

W/ regards to your cousin, at least greet them on their wedding kaht hindi kau makakauwi. At least you've made your part as their relative.

Maybe it's some sort of mockery pero cguro naman they remember you because you're their relative. it's natural that they'll invite you. Anyhow, I can't speak for your situation because don't know the whole story. But, do what you think is best!!!

love yah!!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

I guess, one more thank you note or email wouldn't hurt... but NO, all those IGNORED emails and cards for the past 5 years are not that easily forgotten. And oh, FYI, the invite was marked RSVP on or before December 1. We just got the card today. I appreciate the gesture, like I said. But it's more than just this wedding invite. It's much more than that.

loryces said...

ah those cousins. ewan ko ba kung bakit may mga taong ganyan. at least you know whom to really trust. sabi nga nila, revenge is sweet. hehe. kala mo ang sasabihin ko eh about knowing who your true friends noh? well yun na rin pero first and foremost pa rin ang revenge nyahaha! take care!