Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I was informed last night that our ops manager sent me a text message yesterday and apparently I replied with a "Who u?" and "How did u get my number?" For one, I know her number, so why would I ask that? I know I can be rude, but I do know how to choose when to be and not to be rude. Trust me, my manager is someone I don't have the guts to be blatantly rude to. And unless I am schizophrenic, I did not receive (nor answer) a text message from her yesterday. The last message I got from her was last Saturday. So, I wonder why this happened and how someone could possibly receive and answer text messages intended for me. Is it because, as far as I can remember, I bought the SIM card somewhere in a mall and not from the actual service provider? Is it possible that there are 2 of us using the same number?

I wonder if my manager double-checked to verify if the person was really me. Maybe she didn't because I sent her another message informing her that it was not me, but I didn't get a response. Now, we'll see if she's gonna take it against me or not. At least I know I blogged it today and my conscience is clear.


kikaygal said...

It also happened to my brother. Someone left a voicemail on his cel telling na kelangan na nyang magbayad ng credit card nya sa target... Weird!! Knowing na kabibili lang namin ng cell that time.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Nakakainis ang ganyan. Sabi ng Globe pag prepaid daw di pa sila makagawa ng list of numbers na nag-send sa akin or na-text ko on a certain date kaya sobrang frustrating.