Thursday, February 16, 2006

so far...

I'm still at work. Well, I'm not doing overtime (they wish!). I have to take advantage of the free internet in the cafe (plus free cappuccino too!) Nearly the weekend but I know I won't get the rest I need. I have to restart everything I did with our friggin' PC so far coz I can't seem to install the correct video card driver. Argh!

Looking at the silver lining, at least I'm nearly finished with my annual medical exam requirements and I aced (again! Yay!) my annual written certification exam last night. Next week will be my typing exam. So, we'll see if I make another 69 net words per minute speed with that. I can't believe I'm nearly one year in this company.

I met six familiar faces (yes, SIX!) this week. All of them were from the previous call centers I've worked in. I've always thought call center industry is such a small world. Now, we're working in the same company. Weird, but it's nice reminiscing those days. Two of those are even crushable types so... Hahaha! I'm stopping this thought right now.


gene said...

bakla...di ko maalala yung tinext mo nung isang gabi na naging crush-crushan mo....sinich itich?

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Secwet... email me. Masyadong ma-eskandalo pag dito pa noh! :)