Saturday, February 18, 2006


Despite the lack of sleep, I am still happy and quite relieved. First is because I finally finished re-installing Windows and I am currently blogging now using my home PC! Yay! I would just need to update my Internet Explorer to a higher version so it's downloading time once again. After 3 hours in front of the PC, I sacrificed sleep yesterday despite my work shift last night. It was worth it! Second is because we finally had a post-Valentines date. Better late than never! Then I gave him my gift and his expression was priceless... Utterly priceless. I wish I had a videocam then so I can replay it not just in my mind. Love it to bits! Last reason is because (finally!) after all the effort I put in making our schedules meet, I am seeing 4 of my closest college buddies tomorrow! After months and months of not seeing each other, we agreed to have a "Brokeback Mountain" date. That's gonna be fabulous! Looking forward to that. :)

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