Friday, February 10, 2006

too tired... even make a decent post. Just finished "breakfast" with some officemates and the notorious "mother of them all" whom they all love to hate (read: ops manager). I learned a lot, in fairness. I got to meet a priest, who is a certified interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing, a mother/teacher, who learned and is now teaching sign language because of her deaf daughter and another teacher, who lost part of hear hearing at age 7. It was cool! I even learned a few signs myself (shy, hello, good morning, goodbye, thank you, welcome...) I just wish it would make me appreciate my job more. I just hate it when people abuse services that are not really for them (read: hearing people should not use deaf services for prank and scams. Dimwits!) Aaah... but then ignorance is bliss!

The timing was awful. It clashed with the annual physical exam, so I'm here with a tiny dot on my right cubital fossa and a radiation from the x-ray. I wasn't able to pass a urine and stool sample because of "wrong timing". Hehe! Maybe next week. I have to go home and sleep. I still have work shift tonight. Zzzz....

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