Friday, May 23, 2003

Scribbles from a place with the Golden Arches
(Makati 9:15AM 22 May 2003)

Just when you expect the day to give you happy moments, the unexpected happens. Just when you think everything will go well as planned, disappointment occurs. It's ok when circumstances let you down, but sometimes when people, whom you trust with all your life, disappoint you, then it leaves a hollow feeling inside.

I'm in my "selfish mode" again. I've had these "modes" often these past few weeks. Probably because I just expect too much from people-- I just expect too much from life. I let my guard down, give my trust completely, give it my best shot... then I end up empty-handed.

Hits you right smack in the face, leaving you dumbfounded...and wounded... and sad... And in the end, you still never knew what hit you.

Damn life.
Can I die now?
Someone kill me.
Or something... anything.

(3:00 AM Makati 23 May 2003)

My mom left for Bacolod today. My lolo (her uncle) died two days ago. As expected with any Filipino family, it will be a reunion type of grieving. My Ma was planning to take my sis with her, but since we cannot afford it and my sis actually would rather stay here in Manila, she went alone... she left us again.

People come and people go.

To my LOLO FELIPE: I know wherever you are, you are already resting in peace. We'll miss you!

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