Thursday, May 01, 2003

Feeling better now. The doctor said it was just an infection and I'm ok now. But I will have to undergo some more tests (x-ray) and see an OB-GYNE. Not that I'm pregnant though. Hahahahaha! What's that, immaculate conception?!

I'm glad we have health cards. Although I'm short of cash right now, I still enrolled both my parents in medical insurance. That would take a huge chunk of money from my monthly pay, but better that than die of extreme poverty when one of us gets really ill.

I'm feeling bored. I kept thinking that this coming weekend is supposed to be my overnight swimming weekend. But that plan is as murky as the muddy waters in the Dead Marshes. I will not be seeing him this weekend too, which makes me feel more rotten. I wonder how I could get out of this. I wonder what's going to happen to make me genuinely smile again.

My college friends have plans to go swimming on May 18, I wonder if I would have the mood to go. I prefer to spend the day with him since those college friends are not really what I call my barkada. It's been so long since we'd hang out and I think we are all different now in more ways than one. I'd prefer a small group and I kinda miss watching movies and pigging out with my real barkada. *sniff* Since I started working I've been a lone ranger until I met him, but then since our lives don't revolve around each other, we have to move on and continue with our everyday "adventures". God, I really am bored if I keep on writing here without making sense...

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