Monday, May 26, 2003

What's Love? (got to do with it)
Got this from the mail today: *sniff* *sniff*

For all you people who say "I love you" when you have no clue what love exactly is. Something to ponder upon...

Are your palms sweaty, is your heart racing and is your voice caught withing your chest? It isn't love, it's LIKE.
You can't keep your eyes or hands off of them, am I right? It isn't love, it's LUST.
Are you proud, and eager to show them off? It isn't love, it's LUCK.
Do you want them because you know they're there? It isn't love, it's LONELINESS.
Are you there because it's what everyone wants? It isn't love, it's LOYALTY.
Are you there because they kissed you, or held your hands? It isn't love, it's LOW CONFIDENCE.
Do you stay for their confessions of love, because you don't want to hurt them? It isn't love, it's PITY.
Do you belong to them because their sight makes your heart skip a beat? it isn't love, it's INFATUATION.
Do you pardon their faults because you care about them? It isn't love, it's FRIENDSHIP.
Do you tell them every day they are the only one you thing of? It isn't love, it's a LIE.
Are you willing to give all of your favorite things for their sake? It isn't love, it's CHARITY.

Does your heart ache and break when they're sad? Then it's LOVE.
Do you cry for their pain, even when they're strong? Then it's LOVE.
Do their eyes see your true heart, and touch your soul so deeply it hurts? Then it's LOVE.
Do you stay because a blinding, incomprehensive mix of pain and relation pulls you close and hold you there? Then it's LOVE.
Do you accept their faults because they're a part of who they are? Then it's LOVE.

Are you attracted to others, but stay with them faithfully without regret? Then it's LOVE.
Would you give them your heart, your life, your death? Then it's LOVE.

When we meet the right person to love, at the right place, at the right time. That's chance.
When you meet someone you're attracted to, that's not a choice. That's chance.
Being caught up in a moment (and there's a lot of couples who get together because of this) is not a choice, that's also chance.
The difference is, what happens afterwards? When will you take that infatuation, that crush, that mind-blowing attraction to the next level? That's when all sanity goes back, you sit down and then contemplate whether you want to make this into a concrete relationship or just a fling.
If you decide to love the person, even with his faults, that's not chance. That's choice.
When you choose to be with a person no matter what, that's choice.
Even if you know there are many people out there who are more attractive, smarter, and richer than your mate, and yet, you decide to love your mate just the same, that's choice.

Infatuation, crushes, attraction comes to us by chance. But true love that lasts is truly a choice.

Regarding soulmates, there's a beautiful movie quote that I believe is so true about this--"Fate brings you together, but it's still up to you to make it happen."

I believe that soulmates exist and that there is truly someone made for you. But it's still up to you to make the choice if you're
going to do something about it or not. We may meet our soulmates by chance, but loving and staying with our soulmate is still a choice we have to make.

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