Friday, May 16, 2003


I am not ok. They say when you're down, you can't go anywhere but up. But why am I just sinking lower and lower?

My Ma just informed me that she was so disappointed with her pay. It was not worth the distance and the work. Imagine a pay even lower than the minimum wage! She does not deserve that. So she's quitting. She is going home tomorrow. I don't know what we are going to do now. My sister will be enrolling in college already. I was able to give a chunk of my pay for her tuition and I know we still owe her high school some money. Darn.

Having some even more "personal problems" too. I'd rather not post that here [note to self: see Basketcase] I feel so helpless and sad. Even my officemates noticed that. At least I made a new friend today. Oh well, I hope I did. I'm having difficulty trusting myself and other people anymore...

If ever you wondered if you touched my soul yes you do
Since I met you I'm not the same...
Because of you, my life has changed, thank you for the love and joy you bring

~Keith Martin, "Because of You"

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