Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I'm most at home... the bedroom

Your "me" time is sacred. And who can blame you? With all the different directions we're pulled in each day, we could all use a little time by ourselves to refuel the old battery. That's why the bedroom is a great haven for you. Surrounded by the things that comfort you most — whether down pillows, soft blankets, or your favorite knickknacks. The boudoir is a place you can take time to relax, think, and just be you.

It's where you can tuck yourself into your favorite chair and write in your journal or climb into bed, pull the covers up, and take an undisturbed catnap. Even as kids, our bedrooms were places that were definitively ours, and that's never changed. A heavenly mixture of coziness and solitude, you'll find no better sanctuary than your very own bedroom.

But when I need privacy and when I cry, I go to the bathroom.

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