Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Due to financial problems, my parents decided to sell some of our stuff that we don't need much. Like one of the washing machines and TV. That's okay with me since I know we really needed the money. I was also planning to sell one of our two TV's to him. He'll get a discount from me, of course. At least, I also know our TV is in good hands. Hehehe! I'll get to watch it whenever I go to his house too! Yehey!

Another plan is to sell our home PC. I was devastated. Glad I have access to the internet at work though. I would miss chatting with friends from far places and those I barely see. I would also lose saved files (LOTR, HP, WL, etc.). Imagine! d'Arvit!

Since we're starting to sell stuff, why can't I sell myself right? I browsed throu a friend's blog and found a link. Now I can price myself and see if anyone would want to buy me if he/she can afford me. I just filled out the form and placed there info about myself. I was priced US$1,728,072!!! Next step is to look for someone to buy me. Hahahaha!

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