Friday, April 25, 2003

Ruined Plans?

I have been saving up for the past few weeks since I plan to have an overnight stay in a resort. I would love to go night swimming and I told myself I'm going to save up for a weekend's stay in May. I am excited, although I don't have any specific place in mind yet. Sometimes, plans push through when I am being spontaneous. But for the past couple of days, I feel that I am sick. I am going to the doctor after my shift to have my check-up since I am getting signs and symptoms of a certain infection. It's painful and it bothers me. Now I'm worried I would not have enough money now for that overnight stay. I guess I would have to live with that if I have to pay for my medications (plus my father's meds). No more summer vacation for me.

This night was something. I can't wait for my rest days. I think this week is one tough week for all of us. I am about to end my shift and I feel so tired and harrassed. I have to go to the hospital now...

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