Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Holy Week

Spending it at work really. No other option except for my weekdays rest days, I have to work when other people are enjoying the long weekend. That's okay, double pay.

But I sure wish I were somewhere else--- probably by the pool or the beach under the stars. I've always wanted to be by the beach at night time, where it is quiet except for the splashing of the waves by the shore and the view of the vast sky studded with an infinite number of stars. *sigh*


Since I started having my weekends off, I have several options on how to spend them. Some of them I really want to do, some are just last-minute options when plans don't push through. I want to have a break--- like an overnight in a resort. But since desperately want it and am scared that it might not push through, I'm keeping an open mind with other choices--- such as go to a Saturday-night gimmick with friends or meet up with some guy friend or something like that. I miss those days.

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