Thursday, April 10, 2003

Problems! Argh!

Major problems at work. More major problems at home. What else has life in store for me? More problems?

Stress on the job might have you feeling somewhat under the weather today. You might feel a little bloated and toxic, so drinking a lot of liquids would be a good idea. Moderate amounts of both exercise and rest are also indicated. And don't eat any spicy foods! This is a good day to catch up on reading, studying, or engaging in some research. Your physical self may not be what it should, but your brain is especially sharp!
An unexpected financial setback could initially have you reeling. Perhaps a sudden emergency such as a toothache or car breakdown requires a substantial expenditure that you weren't counting on. You can probably find a way to deal with the crisis, however. You may have resources you can draw upon that you aren't aware of at the moment. Go over all your financial records and you could be pleasantly surprised. Hang in there!

Hanging in here like a robot actually. Now, I don't care about the consequences of my actions. I just get up and do my daily routine. I'm at work not giving my best because I really don't care. I've given my best but it seems like I'm undergoing a test of some sort. My patience is wearing thin and I think I can snap anytime now. And the timing! Whew! Can't this just come in another date and time? Not now when I'm currently having problems at home too. But then like I mentioned before, fate has a funny way of pulling cruel tricks on me.

What's weird is that as of now, I just don't care anymore if I drop dead. Before, I was scared of dying without reaching for my dreams. Now, I don't care. Everything is fuzzy. The future is bleak. Before, I can tell you exactly where I am and what I'm doing five years from now. As of the moment, ask me that question and I won't have an answer... and I don't care if I don't have an answer.

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