Sunday, April 06, 2003

One day left then I have Monday off. I'll be goin to work on Tuesday since my schedule will be adjusting this week. I don't think I will just spend my time sleeping the entire day on Monday so I plan not to sleep. I think I have an idea what I'd feel like and what I'd look like if I am awake for 24 consecutive hours. I really don't care since I'll be back to work on Tuesday and I'll be taking my new days off on Saturday and Sunday. From then on I will be having my weekends off.

There are a lot of great movies this week. (The Recruit, The Core, Gangs of New York...) I cannot decide if I watch one or watch them all. Then I will be spending my day off in the moviehouse. Hope I won't fall asleep there. One good thing to have a movie date is that there's another opinion that will help me decide which movie/s to watch. Then I won't end up watching them all. Not to mention someone will be paying for my food. Hehehehe!

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