Thursday, September 15, 2005

69 and more

I got a 69! Dirty number? Nah. I like that number coz it's a natural ambigram too. That's my typing NWPM speed. YAY! So, with that out of my way, I got to worry about the monitored calls next week. But, I have to enjoy the weekend first and I can't wait! =)

Watched Rockstar INXS earlier and Suzie was voted out. So much for girl power huh? At least my bet and my bro's bet are still there.

Oh and by the way, there are new Goblet of Fire pics here. Here's a sneak preview:

lucky Hermione!

And lastly, who said real men can't be angels in disguise?

Champoy of Hale
taken from MTV Ink

I found it funny at first, but as I look at it more closely, I kinda love seeing him like that. :p


loryces said...


meann said...

Hey! We saw Hale at Hard Rock last night. :)

meann said...

And I still don't get it. The Durmstrang people are wearing dress uniforms, why aren't the Hogwarts girls in dress robes? When did they have the time to have gowns made or buy gowns? Where'd they get the money??? And why does Hermione have to wear pink??? Oh well. Just ranting. Wehehe.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

lau: thanks! =)

meann: how did u find them? by the way, yeah, and why does hermione have to curl her hair? LOL!