Tuesday, September 20, 2005

serious side of things...

I never thought I'd be taking my call certification today before my shift ended. I was expecting to take it later tonight or tomorrow morning. Yaiks! I was so unprepared I don't know what the outcome was. Oh well, I'll know that tomorrow. Also, tomorrow night, I would get to ask my questions to the big boss himself and (hopefully) sign a new (and improved!) contract. I just hope all goes well 'coz if it does, I'll still see myself working in the company for a longer time than I would have expected. I'm a bit excited, but also nervous of what is about to come.

By Thursday, I'll know more than I do now. I hope all these new information would make me smile. *cross fingers*

A friend of mine is currently studying in Thailand. She sent me an SMS today and I miss her. She'll be back before December though and said it's cold there right now. Looking forward to partying with her come Christmas time. She said it's fun but weird since she's been singing and dancing there-- doing stuff she normally wouldn't do (she's a bit of a shy type like me. Hehe!). I told her that what I like being in a new place and being with strangers. I get to be who I wanna be and do the things I normally wouldn't do without anyone judging me or my actions. I mean, if I were to start a new life, I'd prefer to begin in a place where nobody knows who I am.

This "judgment topic" is a bit touchy since I recently experienced being judged by someone I least expected. I was hurt, but I should know I am beautiful no matter what they say... words can't bring me down*.

*"Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera


loryces said...

"I get to be who I wanna be and do the things I normally wouldn't do without anyone judging me or my actions."

-- very true ;)

masakit nga ang ma-judge... only when you let it get to you. :)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

ako pa, eh i often let it get to me. ako pa na over-sensitive. :(

loryces said...

haay we cant help it if it gets to us. we're only human. btw sabi ng boss ko, pag tanda mo daw, you get to a point where you *really* dont care what other people think. cant wait for that to happen. hehe.