Friday, September 02, 2005

*all the small things*

Small things make life more bearable. Here are a couple of them:

Image hosted by

Jollibee's mango-caramel sundae

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Spongebob slippers

I know there are more of these out there, so I gotta watch out! So if I have nothing to do and I happen to have my cameraphone on my hand, which is actually most of the time, I'd be taking some snapshots, and I'd be posting them here if they are clear enough. Hopefully, I'd be able to afford a better cameraphone so it would look nicer (less fuzzy). Then I could post here anything that would make me feel better. Yes, I mean ANYTHING.

Pics above both taken using Nokia 6610i.


liann said...

YUM! Mmmango-caramel sundae... *drools* But my fave would have to be chocolate/hot fudge. Ahhh! *craves*

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

tempting huh? :)