Wednesday, September 21, 2005

shame on me

Have u ever experienced being so embarrassed that you want the ground to swallow you up? I have had some of those instances in my life and earlier today was no exception. I had this test call from the States. I knew it was recorded and I sure hope it was not graded. But damn, it was nerve-wracking since the call type is not a common one! I panicked and everything went blank. I knew I made a lot of mistakes in that call-- heck, everything I did was a mistake! I am so ashamed. I actually don't care if that would pull my QA grade down for this month, but I am just sad that it will pull down the whole team's grade.

Now, everytime I think about it, I forget where I am and my mind goes blank and my face and neck goes red with shame. After my shift, I had my coaching for my 2 calls (6th month re-certification) yesterday and I passed both calls. Even that good news did not lighten my spirit. I have learned my lesson. I just hope I won't go through that kind of embarrassment again. Sheesh.

Apologies to all my team mates and to my sup. =(

P.S. Turned out the transition meeting won't push through tonight (that's why I'm online now!) It will be next week and the transition date was pushed (again?) from Oct. 6 to Oct. 22. *sigh*

JD Fortune

I just watched Rockstar INXS. See? JD won. I knew it! He's got the looks. Some say he's got an attitude, but I guess many rockstars do. Marty is the runner-up and will be joining the band in their world tour. My brother is right. Mig is great! Too bad he only got third place. He didn't forget to thank his fans from Australia and from the Philippines. Yeah, he was born in the Philippines. Cool huh?


Mark said...

JD so deserves it! He has the arranging prowess, the songwriting genius, the unforgiving talent, the charisma that befalls ladies to their knees, and the hot* looks to top it all.

*I'm just BEING HUMAN you know. :)

loryces said...

" Have u ever experienced being so embarrassed that you want the ground to swallow you up? "

-- too many to forget

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

mark: oh yeah! i totally agree with u on that. :)

lau: hehe!