Thursday, September 08, 2005

come and go

I have been working in this company for 6 months now, excluding training period. I have experienced a lot of sad moments mainly because of the tendency of people, especially friends, to come and go. It is difficult to go through the process of getting to know people and making friends with them. Although I have lots of acquaintances, I still find it hard to find someone who can gauge my moods and whom I can relate to.

Some of my close friends are now working in another company. All of my batchmates are in the swing shift (1:30PM-11PM) and I'm the only one left in the night shift. I prefer to stay though coz I need the money. For about 4 months in the GY (graveyard) shift, I met new people.

One of them is this girl who has been my constant companion on my way home after every shift. We have shared a lot of stories along the way. Even though we recently met, we have been close to the point that we even share our own future plans with each other. Last night, I was shocked to learn that she resigned (effective immediately). She did not meet the account's certification requirement after several attempts despite her good attendance record and excellent quality scores. She chose a graceful exit by resigning rather than getting terminated.

A few days ago, she told me she is ready to quit the job now since her sister has already passed the med board exams. I know she has better plans for herself (maybe start her own business from the money she was able to save).

I'm sad for myself but I'm also happy for her. She won't be stuck in a callcenter anymore. This may be a blessing in disguise. Alelie, I'm missing you already.

And I know what lies ahead for us,
In any road I’ll let you come my way...

~"Underneath the Waves" by Hale

P.S. I will undergo my own certification this month so wish me luck!

Happy Birthday, Mama Mary!