Thursday, September 29, 2005

I want my "Anansi Boys"!

It's out! Fully Booked is selling oh-so-fresh copies of Neil Gaiman's latest novel. First 1000 copies would include a handwritten note from the man himself especially for the Filipino fans. I think I shouldn't advertise this coz I might not make it to the first 1000 buyers... but argh!!! Will anyone spare me a thousand pesos for this?! Waaaah!!!

a note to Filipino fans
Hector's 0077 (not my copy)

Can't read what's written on it? Go buy the book then. Hahaha! =)

Just kidding. Click this to see the bigger picture. Of course, this is not my note. I just got this from Nocturne. So, I want my own... my preciousss...

I posted about this topic a few days ago too. Read it then to refresh the memory.


loryces said...

gusto ko tuloy bumili dyan ng book. mas mura pa hehe.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

mura for you. mahal for me. huhu! :,(