Tuesday, September 06, 2005

sexist and sex

Contrary to what the title states, this post is "PG-13" wholesome, so no worries. =)

I was on my way home when I (together with some strangers in the jeepney) witnessed an "accident" in an intersection. This green Hyundai accelerated on an orange (and about to become red) light, while this blue Honda is about to turn left. The driver of the Honda did not expect the Hyundai to accelerate, so it's front bumped the left quarter rear of the Hyundai, damaging the door.

In my viewpoint, it was the green Hyundai driver's fault since if he estimated, it would have been obvious that he won't have time to cross the intersection before the green light goes on the other side. The driver of the blue Honda slowly parked her car on the side so as not to create traffic while this green Hyundai driver went down of the driver's seat and pointed at the other driver with matching I-can-be-f*cking-mean-to-you-because-what-you-did facial expression. (Isn't it rude to point at someone?)

Well, after the jeepney where I was in crossed the intersection, we found out that the blue Honda driver is a girl. Then a couple of men in front of me snickered, "Kaya naman pala, babae pala ang driver!" (in English: "Oh that's why, the driver's a girl!") How sexist was that remark? Ok, I am no member of Gabriela or any feminist organization but I was soooo mad at that time that I wanted to shout at them and say, "Eh ano ngayon kung babae? Pag lalaki ok lang?!" Grrr! I was so mad, but since I'm not into making public scenes, I kept my mouth shut and increased the volume of my radio headphones.

Let me change the topic and let's go from sexist to sex-- animal sex, that is. After walking about two blocks on my way home, I saw this brown dog (the size of an adult Collie) "humping" on a smaller (way, way smaller) brown dog (I think it was a Chihuahua). Just use your imagination and see how funny it would look like when the male dog attempts to mate with her and is have so much difficulty placing his front paws on the female dog's waist. I mean, how can he let it in? Hahahaha! Poor doggie!