Monday, June 13, 2005


Pardon me but I really am.

1. I'm: unique
2. I live in: the third planet from the sun.
3. I love: my family.
4. People: are mirrors of ourselves.
5. Life: is like a box of chocolates.
6. I just ate: pan de sal.
7. I wanna see: my future.
8. I play: fair.
9. It's now: 10:25 AM
10. I'm wearing: a shirt and shorts.
11. My phone: is in front of me.
12. I'm worrying about: someone who lost his job.
13. I wanna go: to a place I've never been before.
14. Britney spears is: one rich brat.
15. Good Charlotte: is a rock band.
16. Weather: is really hot. Whew!
17. My shoes are: worn out but comfy.
18. I drive: myself crazy.
19. I smoke: not.
20. My country is: in the tropics.
21. My parents are: not getting any younger.
22. I think school is: a training ground.
23. Other sites i'm surfing aside from Friendster: Yahoo! Mail
24. I'm going to: survive through this.
25. I think this post is: mentally draining.

.:: p e o p l e a r o u n d m e ::.

Your mom is: a housewife who used to be a corporate employee
Your dad is: a retired teacher
Your sisters: only one sister
Your brothers: one brother
Your best friend is: out of the country
Your crush is: him.
Your boyfriend is: street-smart, un-romantic, hard-headed lunatic who loves me.
Your grandma is: in the province
Your grandpa is: dead
Your teachers are: my life experiences.

.:: s t u f f t h a t i h a v e ::.

Your PC is: really old.
Your wallet is: navy blue and really old but lucky
Your camera is: not digital.
Your books are: my prized-possessions.
Your accessories are: not too fancy.
Your sunglasses are: helpful to prevent headaches produced by sun glares.
Your towel is: checkered white and green.
Your teddies: teddies? what teddies?
Your clock is : ticking like a bomb.

.:: w h a t i m w e a r i n g n o w ::.

Your shirt is: white with blue-green print.
Your shorts/trousers are: blue-green.
Your shoes are: worn-out
Your jacket is: outside my closet.
Your socks are: colorful.
Your belt is: not leather.
Your heart is: lovesick and lonely.
Your mind is: tired.

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