Thursday, June 16, 2005

credit anyone?

A while ago, I snapped at two of my officemates for wanting me to go with them an apply for a credit card. I was just in one of my foul moods and I lack sleep. As single yuppies, most of my officemates have the latest gadgets (mobile phones, digital camera, iPods, etc.) If only I get to keep my salary for myself, I'd be one of them. But I don't. I also know that credit cards are must-haves in the United States. Almost no one brings huge amount of cash anymore. But here in the Philippines, people with credit cards are those who can afford to pay them.


If they only knew I desperately wanted a credit card, just to finally buy the things I want! I know the bank will approve it as soon as they see my payslip, but I know I couldn't afford to maintain one. I mean, I just look at my mother's Citibank letters every month and I shudder-- especially knowing that she doesn't have a job to pay for her debts. Those credit card debts come from a long, long time ago when she can still afford one. I don't want to grow old paying for the interest.

I spent most of my break times alone (again). Because of that I notice that I seem to avoid crowds lately. I prefer to be alone. Sometimes, when I have nothing to do, I just take some pics. I feel hollow inside.

I'm freezing in the sun;
I'm burning in the rain
The silence;
I'm screaming,
Calling out your name.

~Hale, "The Day You Said Goodnight"

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