Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fête and more

It was truly a night to remember. It was my first Fête de la Musique. 150 bands. 8 stages. 1 night. My legs are aching for standing so long (about 5 hours), it was so hot and we were sticky and sweaty, we lacked sleep and worse, my mother is mad at us... but it was worth it.

We got there at about 7PM. The event actually started at 3:30PM to 4PM, but it was too hot for me and besides, I had to catch some sleep coz I just got off work. My sis and I roamed around El Pueblo finding for a good spot. We first found the Rock stage and yes, the people there were scary. Even the smell was scary! Hahaha! So, there goes my hopes for watching Daydream Cycle, Imago, Mayonnaise and Razorback. We don't want to stay there. Next we found the Main/World stage. We're not really a fan of most of the tunes, so we walked on. We found the Blues stage inside a bar and decided not to go in. We were wasting time trying to find a Gig Guide so we would know which bands we missed and those we can still watch. But to no avail. We walked on to The Podium and saw the Alternative stage. When we read the list of the band names, we knew we have to stay there. We're a fan of the music of Hale, Kitchie Nadal, Barbie's Cradle, Moonstar 88 and Spongecola.

We got hungry and went in the mall. Good thing because we met some of our TPTS friends and looked at the Gig Guide. That was about 9PM. Hale was supposed to play at 11PM so we decided to grab a bite to eat. My sis doesn't want to go home until she saw Spongecola perform and it turned out they did, but it was already 3AM when they went onstage. They were the second to the last band. We got some pics and will upload them soon. Watch out for them! =)

I decided to go watch Fête de la Musique to distract myself from all the things happening in my life. Yes, have fun before I go haywire. It seems like all the important aspects of my life-- family, career and love are in jeopardy. It turned out, broken-hearted love songs sang during the event still bring back memories. Even those songs about mindless jobs and career choices. Yaiks! But the worst thing that happened was my mother getting mad at us (again?) for not letting her know where we are. Since it is not my nature to talk back to my mother, especially when we're both angry, I wanted to write my rants here instead. So, don't continue reading if you don't want this to ruin your day.


Before we left home, we told her where we are going. Probably my only mistake was that we didn't tell her until what time we'll be out, but then I didn't know the event will last until 3:30AM. I just learned that when we got there. She was mad for not informing her of our location at an "ungodly hour". That was 1AM when she texted me that message. (So, you can just imagine me getting distracted while watching.) In the first place, it was not an "ungodly hour" for me because my day starts at 11PM everyday at work. So, I am very much used to staying up in the wee hours of the morning. And my God, I am not 16 years old anymore! I'll be turning 25 next month. Some of my batchmates even have their own family and kids and she is still angry at me for staying up late?! It's not like I'm drinking booze and taking drugs and staying up late every Saturday night! WTF?! And you know what? To top it off, we arrived in front of our gate at about 4AM and the gate was locked. We had to wait for my brother to arrive from his own gig in order to open the gate. Can you believe that? But if my bro goes out and stays overnight somewhere, she won't say a thing. *sigh* We got in and we heard her nagging again about how we lost our respect for her and why we needed 12 hours of entertainment. Wow. Hey Ma, I love you and all but you can be so narrow-minded sometimes. I respect you but you don't respect me. I'm an adult. I'm a grown woman. I am even earning my own money, damn it!

*breathes deeply*

That's it. I think I have to attend mass today. God forgive me, but I am so angry.


loryces said...

di ka nag-iisa mare. ganyan din parents ko. sometimes, it's hard for parents to accept that their children are all adults now, much to our annoyance. tingin pa rin nila sa tin mga bata. haaay. besides, wala naman tayong ginagawang masama. ano ba naman ang konting gala at manood ng mga concerts and whatnot? it's not like we're doing something wrong like using drugs, etc. dapat talaga sa edad natin bumubukod na. madali sana yan kung may pera. *sighs*

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

so true. as expected, di pa rin kami nagpapansinan til now. siguro mga one week yang ganyan. tama ka rin gusto ko na rin bumukod. kaya ko na sa sweldo ko, kaya lang di ako magbibigay ng sustento nila. yun ang di ko kaya. *sigh*

starshuffler said...

Chanced upon your blog in a google search for the Fete. Saw your pics! :-) (Sing along kid with Kitchie is my niece heh heh...)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Starshuffler: So that was your neice, Kiwi! Ang cute nya. Hope you liked the pic nilang dalawa ni Kitchie! :)

starshuffler said...

Yes, we did! (Even the other pics as well. My other niece is a fan of those other bands.) Thanks! :)