Thursday, June 30, 2005

tension of the opposites

I told myself I wont go online today nor post an entry. But I got home and got to watch "Tuesdays with Morrie" again on cable and I had to scribble this.

If I had a little bird on my shoulder and ask it everyday if this day is a good day to die, and if that little bird can talk back to me, it will probably say that although I don't mind dying sometimes, it's not a good day to die since as of today, the nth day of my 24 years of existence, my life is meaningless.

From the movie, I can truly relate to the "tension of the opposites", be it family-, lovelife-, or career-wise... like a rubber band being pulled in opposite directions. I am being pulled one way with the things I want to do and pulled the opposite way of the things I need to do. So, how do I decide which direction to go to? I think I have decided, or let me say life has decided for me. Will I always blame my situation on circumstances and opportunities (or the lack thereof) in my life?

I wish I had a wise teacher like Morrie.

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