Thursday, October 06, 2005


I got this friend from college who introduced me to the lurkers. No, they're not the typical lurkers we internet-savvy people know of. They are not those hidden and quiet users of the forums or mailing lists. According to her, a lurker is what she calls those people who show up out-of-the-blue just to ruin a supposedly happy day. A lurker may be the person beside you in the jeepney who keeps leaning on you or that rude person who shoved you when you were both running after the train or that driver who keeps honking his car's horn during traffic... they can be practically anybody from virtually anywhere, who just show up and ruin your day.

Today is my brother's birthday. After breakfast with some officemates, I went straight to the mall and bought my bro a cake and some pizza for the family and bought that lovely watch I've been saving up for months (gotta grab the chance since it's 50% off). Got home and ate lunch and was happy chatting with my parents and bro (my sis is still in school) until I got online and read my inbox. Unfortunately, there really are people who would be insensitive enough (or arrogant enough) to ruin an otherwise fabulous day. I don't want to get into specifics 'coz lack of sleep and the time of the month may be two more factors causing this temporary increase in blood pressure...

I just wanted to rant. My point really is, look before you leap. Read your posts/replies before you click that mouse. Think over it and see if it's a nice thing or not. If it won't actually affect people in a negative way, then that's fine. Post away. Just remember that not all people are like you. We are all different and something that may give you pride may look like a sheer arrogance for others. Don't be a lurker.


Sana November 11 na... 'di ba officemates? Hehe!


lei said...

* lurk, lurk *

heehee. :) relax, dear. i've my own horror stories to tell.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Hi! That's on of the perks of keeping a blog. I get to rant whenever I want. :)