Thursday, October 27, 2005

my right

Neko sent me this email today:

If ever you feel down... lonely... angry... desperate... Because the world is not going your way... No matter what you do or say is not working... You have the right to feel this way...

Yes, 59 days before Christmas 2005. I hope this time, it's gonna be a merrier one. Life sure passes by... and I'm still here complaining what it has offered me. I have been having migraines these past few days due to lack of sleep. I know I should have slept now, but I don't want to. It's raining outside. I appreciate it when the weather sympathizes with my mood.

Ikaw ang magsasabing
"Kaya mo to!"
Tulad ng isang tanglaw
Sa gitna ng bagyo
~"Liwanag sa Dilim" by Rivermaya

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