Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the dreaming ends here

Remember my post yesterday? I was pissed off.

What's worse than a delay of payment? Cancellation. I was expecting to be in a raging mood, but although I am more than just disappointed, I wanna be calm about it and take this blow with my head held up high.

A few weeks ago, I posted about signing a contract for a new company that's taking over the account. So we should be getting our last paycheck next month. I planned my life around that thought and I guess that's one big mistake. The transition was supposed to happen last July, then it got postponed month after month. Yesterday, the new company decided to "terminate" because the "agreement was not met". Breach of contract? Probably, but let the big bosses handle the legalities. I just need the money.

So, what will happen to us now? It seems like we've just woken up from a wonderful dream with a splash of cold water. Back to reality. Everything stays the same. No improvements in the benefits. The future of the account is bleak, but what's important to me now is that I am employed and I am getting paid for working. That will suffice. Will I start looking for another job just in case? I don't want to start from scratch again. Call centers pay good money but give no stability. So, I'll probably wait and see what happens. In case the account gets pulled out, I'd still get my money. But there's no definite date in that. You may say it's only money. But money for my family means a lot, especially with both my parents not working and my sister still in school. Everything's on my shoulders. Darn. Ruined plans again. I hate it.

kumapit ka kaya
sa akin nang ikaw ay
maitangay sa kalayaan ng ligaya
tayo na, tayo na
ika'y magtiwala sapagka't
ngayong gabi ako ang
mahiwagang elesi
~ "Elesi" by Rivermaya ~


loryces said...

wow grabe nakakainis ha. i feel for you ka. it's really disappointing when things like this happen. :(

i hope things will be better. :)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Thanks! I hope so too. :)