Monday, October 03, 2005

Gaiman geek # 0139

Look what Santa brought in for early Christmas!

my very own... my preciousss...

# 0139

Yeah, I am too old for that. But since I considered this an emergency, I had to make use of that savings account I have. Hehe! Ok, fine. I will replace that ASAP. :p

Spent most of the time last night with three of my TPTS friends. We ended up having a coffee-thon in Glorietta 4, rummaging through used books in "Books and Mags" and ended it up with a yummy plate of Tapa King. I must get back to "Books and Mags". I bought the complete set of Stephen King's "Green Mile" for only P9 each! Nine pesos! That's P54 for the entire set! Hahaha! It was a wonderful feeling. By the way, I bought 2 Agatha Christie books too for the same price. =)


Rob said...

books for 9 bucks apiece? great buy! :)
aw.. it's been along while since i held a book i can call preciousss... hehehe.. congrats! :)

loryces said...

uy congrats! buti naabutan mo. i read somewhere na less than 10 na lang ang natira. i'm glad for you. ;)

starshuffler said...

Inggit ako! I want to read it already! And I want a geek number, too! (Sayang lang kasi pera eh, mado-doble kopya ko.)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Rob: Yeah! Wonderful! You know what? This is prolly the most expensive book I have bought. LOL!

Loryces: It was me! Last Sat, I asked the salesgirl in Bibliarch and there are less than 10 left in that branch and less than 5 left in Sketchbooks.

Starshuffler: I would have waited for the paperback, but then I badly wanted a geek number! LOL! :)