Wednesday, January 18, 2006

boyband blues

I remember the time when the Backstreet Boys first came here in Manila. We were in Iloilo then coz my grandma died, and I was a huge fan at that time that I wished my grandma died a little later so I could have attended the concert. Hahaha! I was 16 then, so that's about 9 years ago. As the years passed by, I got to listen to more bands and I can say I got "out of touch". The person who took over my fanatic throne was my sister, who is, until now, a through-thick-and-thin fanatic of the BSB.

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BSB: Never Gone

After a hiatus in the music industry, they made a comeback with an album and now they're touring again. This Friday, they will have a concert in the Araneta Coliseum. I got another chance. I am in Manila now (so no excuse) and I have a job and can buy the tickets but consequences (still) won't permit me to watch them live. For one, I won't watch it without my sis. I haven't filed for leave and my sister has exams the next day. I don't think my mother would approve of that, even if she wins a free ticket again through a radio station. Haha!

So, for those of you who have been texting me about the concert, NO, I won't be watching it. *sniff*

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carnaval said...

ola, hhahaa... i once wrote in my blog that listening music from boy bands make me die from hypovolemic shock.

ive grown mature enough to find out that i dont like them na talaga, pero grabe din ako nun, when i was about grade four (up to grade six), i remember drowning myself in "as long as you love me" and others. yikes! i believe i stil hevent thrown away my teenbop pin-ups of my idols then. hwahahahahah! have a nice day po! =]