Tuesday, January 03, 2006

3rd day thoughts

This is not a good working day to start my year. Calls were not that pleasant despite fewer numbers and what made it worse was the fact that I am sick. Oh yes, since New Year's Day, I have had the sniffles. I just hope I don't get the fever. I am bombarding myself with Vitamin C every evening before I go to work. I felt sleepy and lazy last night, probably because of the meds I took for my runny nose. It was awful. I just hope I don't experience that 1-year syndrome wherein I get bored of a job when I reach my first year in a company. It's gonna be our batch's first anniversary in March. I am not planning to leave (yet) until there is a better opportuniity for me or until my sister graduates, passes the board exams and gets a job (whichever comes first).

Oh well, enough of that, I'm getting a headache. I think I ought to cut my hair, my head feels heavy now.

On the brighter side, remember this entry? I demanded for a supervisor yesterday and it worked as expected. I got my Php120 load back before the day ended. Sheesh. Sometimes, we have to resort to an alternative in order to get things right.


Anonymous said...

i hope you're okay now ;)


~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Hey Beej! Yeah, I am feeling better now. Thanks! :)