Saturday, January 21, 2006

change of plans

scribbled on 21 Jan 2006, 8:47 PM, in our bedroom

It felt like the day just zoomed past me. I had planned my day ahead and like most plans, they didn't push through. Due to some unexpected circumstances, I found myself in an emergency room of a hospital near our office this morning after my shift. Last night at work, I was planning to rent a PC with fast ISP connection to cope with a few days of online absence. I ended up hanging out with some of my officemates in the ER to accompany a friend. Not that I minded, I actually even liked it! I kinda miss staying and working in a health care facility. I just hope my friend gets better soon. It was a relief that my friend wasn't confined.

I also planned on just having coffee instead of the usual heavy Saturday brunch, but I decided to stay with my friend until her bf could keep her company. It was cool coz not only did I end up eating a whole lotta stuff in an Italian resto we both haven't gone to before, we also ended up sharing "more intimate details" about our lives. LOL!

Aside from that, I also planned to watch a movie alone. I kinda miss being with myself for a change, I mean, you know strolling in the mall and watching a movie alone. Oh well, I'll just say that I ended up having company. I hope what I felt in the end was not regret. But if it wasn't, I don't know what I'd call it. Disappointment maybe. I just wish I was alone.

On the other hand, it was a nice movie, "Little Manhattan". It was really funny. You won't need philosophical thinking to unmask any underlying meanings from the plot. It's simple, entertaining and a bit true. The kids in the movie are pretty cute and I like the narrating bit. It reminded me of "Bridget Jones's Diary". [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS] I also appreciate the fact that the girl, Rosemary, did not confess or confirm a reciprocation of love for the protagonist, Gabe. The young couple didn't have a they-lived-happily-ever-after ending. Yeah, the ending was still expected, but I like the way it was made open-ended. It was up to the viewer to believe if they even got together when they get older. But then again as they say, first love never dies, but too young love seldom succeeds.

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Little Manhattan

The movie lesson? Love sucks! Why? Watch it and you'll know why. Hehe! Ok well, let me just say that after all that wonderful, butterflies-in-the-stomach (or as J.K. Rowling puts it-- monsters-in-the-chest), buttermelting, fingerlicking goodness called love, oh yeah, it can suck! It may suck to to the deepest hell hole until you're nothing but a void. Too cynical? Maybe.

Pardon my being a prat. Lack of sleep makes me cranky. I better go get one now. Been awake for 24 hours already.

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