Friday, January 20, 2006

drifting apart

scribbled on 20 Jan 2006, 2:07 PM, in our bedroom

I read somewhere that there are varying degrees of friendship, probably as many as the names we call those people we call our friends-- buddy, pal, friend, mate, etc. If the bonding is not yet developed by time, communication and commonality, we even call them acquiantances.

Based on my personal experience, I can proudly add to my "friends" category those people whom I haven't even met vis-a-vis, but got to "bond" with online. These are my virtual friends. Most of the time, they are those I have something in common with.

In order to maintain the so-called relationship, there should be communication. It may not always be constant, but the fact that there's still a connection keeps people together. Even if it's only through simple ways like SMS (forwarded texts?), emails, chat or a phone call (this one I seldom get).

I am grateful that the world wide web has given me the chance to find people I know, even those from the distant past like my grade school days. It's also wonderful how I am able to keep in touch with those who are far away from me that even different time zones don't matter.

With all the people I got to know in my life, there comes a time when there is "drifting apart". It may be because we don't get to hang out often or we grew up and realized we're totally different from the persons we were before. Or maybe life's journey brings us to different paths and physically hanging out together is impossible for the time being.

It's sad that as much as I try to keep things the same, change always happens. It's the only thing that's constant, right? Even if we're working in the same zip code, we haven't seen each other for months because of different schedules. Even though communication lines are open, a "hang-out together" date is improbable. Trying to make an effort can be tiring sometimes, especially when multiple attempts don't work. Sometimes, I have to give in to change. After all, friendship, like any relationship, is a 2-way street.


carnaval said...

The drifting away part is very true. Thank you for reminding me that it?s not actually the fault of someone why they both had to part ways. Hehe. Sometimes letting things unfold on its own seems the best way to deal with such situations. Or sometimes we don?t feel like reacting about the constant loss of communication, so there you go. Pero sabi nga ni Coelho, we have to shut the doors or end chapters, we should simply move on with our lives kasi merong time sa buhay natin where we were able to live w/o that person. Nyahah. Onga naman.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Tama. Magaling talaga si Mr. Paulo. Hehe! Minsan lang mahirap to move on, especially for people like me who has a tendency to cling to the past. :)