Wednesday, January 11, 2006

kikay kit

Tagged by Jennie.

What do I have inside my bag?

In this case, I define "bag" as the shoulder bag I usually carry to work. So, here goes:

Wallet - also should have money, ATM cards, a credit card, discount cards, membership cards, PRC license, SSS ID, TIN ID, community tax certificate, company ID

Mobile phone (with earphones) - I never leave the house without it. Never. Even if it means I have to go back home and be late for work. Oh yeah, that happened to me already. :)

Chapstick - really cold work environment, must have this, preferably in mint. :)

Clinique shimmer lip gloss - for shimmering, luscious lips! Mwah!

Clinique dual (pink and brown) eyeshadow with blush - just the small, handy one

Body Shop eye shimmer - shining, shimmering, splendid eyes to match the lips

Avon oil control pressed powder - it's all in the name! No to oily face!

Kleenex - the handy pack one

Hair Doctor - I always need an untangler to tame my tresses.

House keys - just in case they lock me out of the house. Haha!

Extra pantyliners and/or sanitary napkins - for emergency purposes of course

Medicines - oh yeah, just the common ones like diatabs, tuseran, biogesic and something for fever and colds coz I often get sick

Salonpas - the one I stick on when I have stiff neck or when my shoulders ache

Hand Guard - I always clean my hands and if there's no water, I use this. This is because of my OC nature.

Cologne/Perfume - depends on my mood. Right now it's Victoria's Secret Amber Rose. I transferred it to a smaller bottle so it can fit in my bag.

Oh yes, my bag is a medium-sized one despite all it's contents. Hahaha! Now, I tag anyone who wants to answer!

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