Thursday, February 27, 2003

Cutie me!

I got to work today realizing there are actually cute guys in the company. Problem is, most of them are literally cute. In short, they're short.

But then I dunno why I don't feel like "dressing up" of "giving it my best" whenever I go to work in terms of eyeing guys and catching their eyes. I mean, I never saw my crush again. So, it's meaningless to give an effort. It's not like when I was in school. Before I don't care if I actually liked someone that time or not, I just like to "show my best" whenever I go out. That's what singles do, right?

But what the heck. Still am cute even if I don't give a damn.

I just went to the pantry to buy my food. I dunno why of all days I didn't bring food from the house tonight. A girl is usually selling food in the pantry but I got there with two really gorgeous and tall guys selling food for me. Woah! They were even asking me for a "free taste"! Hmmm... I didn't though coz I needed to hurry up or else I'll be late. I just realized that I am not a good flirt AT ALL.

Take this instance. One of the cute guys talked to me and asked me if he can borrow the chess board for them to play with. What I said, "Ummm... That's not mine. It's for everybody to use" and I gave him this weak smile and blushing cheeks. Is that lame or what?! I could have said, "I'm not sure if you can borrow THAT but YOU certainly can borrow ME!"

I paid my food to the other cute guy and he has no change for me and at that time, this other cute guy was telling me what food are available. He offered me a free taste of his food. I said, "No thanks" and gave him another weak smile. I could have given him a flirty smile and tasted his food and say, "Mmmm... Yum-myy!" Right?! I am so lame when it comes to flirting.

One of the guys even looked like my former crush... Also had a call from our UK counterpart. Did I mention that Brit accent is really a turn-on?

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