Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Pretentious Strength

One of the downsides of having a strong personality is maintaining that strength even up to the point when you just have to pretend. Like a pillar standing tall even when everything and everyone seems lean on it. When a lot of people depend on you, you can't take the chance to falter and fall.

Another downside of that is making people believe that it is impossible for you to break down. Then they would tend to get that confidence in you and wouldn't really bother when you get weak and wobbly and when in truth, all you need is someone to lean on too. But then since you've been relaying the message that you can hang on by yourself, others will take you for granted. It would come to a point when you eventually fall. And no, instead of getting empathy, that fall will give them the impression that "something terribly wrong happened"... not knowing that in every strength owned, there is an accompanying weakness (and vice versa).

Sometimes what you just need is another pillar to lean on or another shelter to comfort you. When many people depend on you sometimes it can be draining. But since you don't wanna let them down, you stay firm. But having to stand tall and stay strong will make it difficult for you to find someone who will protect you, someone who will be strong enough for the both of you.


Watched "The Eye". Today's the last day and I'm glad I got the chance to see it with my sis. Today is also give-in-to-your-cravings day and it was fun! But the movie was good. Waaay better than "Ring". It's like an Asian version of M. Night Shyamalan's "Sixth Sense" but more dramatic. It has its own twist too, which is a relief, and to note it as another scary and screamy movie that does NOT suck.

Boy was I glad to bring my jacket! It was not just for the cold... it was also nice to have it wrap around us and cover our eyes during the hair-raising scenes.

Maybe not meeting you today was a blessing in disguise. Hehehe! I got to catch that movie since it will not be shown tomorrow. We'll meet some other time. Don't worry, I understand what busy means. It's just re-organizing your priorities. Just be a good boy, okay?

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