Thursday, February 20, 2003

I cannot believe what my stars are telling me today!

You might wake up this morning feeling a little less than your usual self, dear Cancer, and you might not be able to figure out why. There could be some sort of minor physical imbalance, or you might be suffering from eyestrain. This might put you a little out of sorts with yourself and with everyone else, particularly if you are stressed out about work responsibilities. Avoid computers if possible (uh-oh!), and take time during the day to take a run or brisk walk.

When the thought of going into work makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning, then know that the time has come to get another job. Alas, that's not likely something you can do this very minute. You can, however, be extra kind to yourself. Give yourself a present! Finding something you thoroughly enjoy would certainly perk up your spirits, and that does not cost a fortune.

Now what present would that be? Hmmmm....

Notice to Readers:

Previous entry NOT meant to hurt people. It was just a general question on (love) life. I just believe that when someone treasures me, not only would I appreciate that but I would also treasure that someone. But when it comes to some things I cannot give (as of the moment), I just hope I am understood. That it's difficult to be torn apart when choosing to hurt someone or to hurt myself. My lack of decision ends up hurting BOTH that someone and me.
I'm sorry if the previous entry hurt you in any way.

Let me get my rest first. It's been a long day... errr... night...

Haloscan now up and running! So post away!

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