Friday, February 21, 2003

A Song to Remember

I noticed that whenever I go to work at about 9:30PM, I always get to listen to sentimental songs/ballads in the taxi. Instead of perking me up, I get sleepy. Not that I don't appreciate them. I actually do. But I ought to be listening to groovy and funky tunes on my way to work before I get my dose of caffeine. I need the boost.

Lately, this song is playing in my head as I get ready for work. It's a song from Stephen Speaks and it has actually a lot of meaning for different people. There is a verse from the Bible that inspired the composition of that song. It's the Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary about her giving birth to Christ. It's nice. But it can take a lot of other meanings too. Like there's this girl who would want that song played on her eighteenth birthday. Some sort of a welcome to adulthood. To the romantic at heart, it may mean a song a man could sing to a woman whom he would be proposing to. Imagine what she'll look like if he tells her he'll marry her, right?

It's a slow tune but not a sad one. I like it. Personally, it's just my "getting ready" song-- not just for work, but for life. For every day I have to face... every challenge, experience, falls and triumphs. I love it!

what'll she look like (luke 2:40,52)
what'll she look like when she
opens her eyes and sees what she wants to see
instead of this cold mirror's lies
and all the pieces complete
she says with a sigh "i think i'm ready..."
what'll she sound like when she
opens her mouth and all the phrases sound right
as they fall out and she says "yes" and she's not
scared of the sound she says she's ready
{will she be soft will she be strong
will she be ready to be wrong
will she move too fast or wait too long
will she look me in the eyes}
what'll it feel like when she
opens her heart and finds that there just might be
a small missing part and whether with or without me
she has to start getting ready
what'll she look like when she
opens her eyes will she see just what i see
will it be a surprise to see that she hasn't changed,
her eyes are just a little wider now and she's getting ready

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